なまはげは、秋田県 男鹿半島周辺の伝統的な民俗行事で、仮面をつけ藁の衣装をまとった神の使いである。





Namahage is a traditional folkloric event around the Oga Peninsula in Akita Prefecture, Japan, and is a messenger of the gods who wears a mask and a costume of straw.


Namahage is believed to discourage laziness and bring good health, a good harvest, good fishing and good fortune.At the annual "Namahage Sedo Festival" at Shinzan Shrine in Oga City, Akita Prefecture, many people wish for happiness as they watch the Namahage dancing wildly in front of the bonfire. This kind of traditional event will strengthen the bonds and connections between people in the community. There is a shortage of successors due to the changing times, but I believe that the desire of the people who are striving to protect their traditions gives hope to many people every year.