髙橋 こうた


写真家 / 1986年 秋田県生まれ。2011年 東日本大震災の復興支援活動を機に、社会勉強のため、2012年から約5年に渡り日本各地をひとり旅する旅を通じて地方創生に関心をもち、生まれ故郷 秋田を舞台に写真作品を制作し、2019年1月に初個展を開催。その後も主に社会問題をテーマに創作活動に取り組み、東京・パリ・ドバイなど国内外で作品を発表している。



Kouta Takahashi


Photographer / Born in Akita, Japan in 1986. My participation in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake relief efforts led me to journey around Japan by myself for about five years starting in 2012 to study society. Through my journeys, I have developed an interest in regional development and have created a photographic work that aims to communicate the attractions of my hometown, Akita, and held my first solo exhibition in January 2019. Since then, I have mainly produced works on social issues, and have shown my work in Japan and abroad, including in Tokyo, Paris and Dubai.

My business card. The knit hat is my trademark.

Design|Shun Kudo


2019   sanctuary publishing inc Photo Contest

2020   International Photography Awards 

                  (Professional, People-Street Category,  Honorable Mention)

          ONAEBA vol.27 Reviewer Award Nominee 

                  (Brent Lewis, Pahparn Sirima, Shigeki Hattori, Yoshihiro Taniguchi)


2018   TOKYO / JAPAN           (THE KNOT|Tokyo, Japan)

2019   Grandfather's Daily Life (Village|Saitama, Japan

          TOKYO / JAPAN           (THE KNOT|Tokyo, Japan

          Blue Collection 2019     (Sloth|Tokyo, Japan) 

          fotofever                      CarrouselLouvre|Paris, France)

          fotogo - f5 -                    (Planète Rouge|Paris, France)

2020   New Japan Photo 10     (CHI-KA|Dubai, UAE) 

          Blue Collection 2020     (SunnyGo|Tokyo, Japan

          New Japan Photo Final (|Tokyo, Japan

          ONAEBA vol.27           (CASO|Osaka, Japan


2018   TOKYO / JAPAN           (EINSTEIN STUDIO)

2019   TOKYO / JAPAN           (EINSTEIN STUDIO)

2020   New Japan Photo 10     (EINSTEIN STUDIO)







きっかけは2011年の東日本大震災。復興支援ボランティアに参加した私は、その時 初めて社会人として自覚を持てたような感覚がありました。既に会社員を数年経験していたにも関わらずです。




その経験を通じて、初めて制作に取り組んだのが、生まれ故郷 秋田を舞台にした作品です。被写体は実家に暮らす祖父で、何気ない日常生活を記録したもの。実際 個展の開催後、鑑賞者の中で秋田に関心を持ち現地を訪れてくれた方もいました。







My work is mainly based on the theme of "questions about society".


It covers a wide range of topics, from the trivial things we feel close to home to the social issues facing Japan to topics that are common to the rest of the world. 

This was inspired by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. I felt as if I became more self-aware as a member of society for the first time when I participated in the reconstruction assistance volunteer program.


From the following year, 2012, I journeyed around Japan on my own for about five years to study society. In the process, while talking with various people, I witnessed many problems in daily life, such as depopulation in rural areas, the threat of the disappearance of traditional culture, the destruction of nature and the damage caused by climate change.


It was through this experience that he began to produce his first work, set in his hometown of Akita. The subject was my grandfather, and it was a record of his casual everyday life. In fact, after the exhibition, some of the visitors became interested in Akita and visited the site.


As a photographer, what I want to do is not to transmit facts that are already known to the world, but to spend time confronting the people living in the middle of the vortex, and to express in my photographic work what I have truly understood. My motivation for creating artworks is my personal curiosity to learn more about society, but if the artworks can be useful in some way in the lives of those who view them, that would be my ideal.


Kouta Takahashi