以前、東京出身の友人に、故郷秋田で撮影した写真を見せたところ、その友人は秋田に関心をもち、実際に現地を訪れてくれました。その際、伝統芸能や食文化に深く興味を示したようで、それ以降、毎月 秋田に通うようになったのです。






旅で感じた社会に対する気づきは、今後、自分の作品制作に大きな影響をもたらす筈です。だからこそ私はこの先 写真で何を表現できるのか、世の中に何を伝え、人々の心にどのような影響を与えられるか興味があります。






The foundation of my works is to "change lives through my photography".


A while ago I showed my friend, who was born in Tokyo, a photo of my hometown in Akita prefecture. He became interested in Akita and visited the exact location of the photo I showed him. During his visit, he became deeply fascinated with Akita’s traditional performing arts and its food culture. After his first visit, he kept visiting Akita once every month. 


I didn’t show my friend a photo of a famous tourist attraction. I showed a daily life photo of my Grandfather in Akita. It was just a regular day where the landscape was as it always was. It was enough to show the beauty of Akita to my friend and I realized how much I could touch people’s hearts and the significant effect it had. That is when I was inspired to be a photographer. 


I became interested in photography because of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Taking part through various reconstruction support activities, I realized how ignorant I was about Japanese Society. I did a photo expedition for five years throughout all of Japan from 2012. During my travels, I spoke with people about their different circumstances, various fascinating Japanese cultures, individual social issues, and the impact of environmental destruction.


Any doubts or realizations of the world I developed on my expedition needed to have a great impact on how I interact with society and my photography. That’s why I am interested in what type of messages I can portray to the world and how it can affect people’s lives.

I hope that my photos could provide some enlightenment in your life. 


Kouta Takahashi