In 1912, Japanese explorer Nobu Shirase attempted to become the first person to reach the South Pole, but had to retire at 80°05' South latitude. Now, over a century later, a man is pioneering an unexplored route from the retirement point, aiming for the South Pole on a solo trek. This man is explorer Masatatsu Abe, also hailing from Akita, just like Shirase.


Even when I am gone

Make sure to find

In Antarctica

The treasures beneath the earth

Until it is brought to the world


These are the verses composed by Shirase in his final moments. What are the treasures beneath the earth? And what drives these explorers to embark on these expeditions?





〜 我れ無くも 必らず捜せ 南極の 地中の宝 世にいだすまで 〜



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