Live Together

本作は、生まれ故郷 秋田に暮らす祖父の日常生活を記録したものである。


情報が氾濫する現代で、自然豊かな環境に身を置く生活。祖父の日常は農作業を中心に回り、冬は除雪作業が日課となる。一年中 自然と向き合いながら自給自足の生活を送る祖父をみていると、生きる上で本当に必要な情報とは何か?という問いが頭をよぎる。


寡黙で働き者。何事も言葉ではなく行動で示す。幼い頃から祖父には孤独なイメージをもっていたが、それは私の思い違いだったのかもしれない。祖父は日々 歩み続け、そして対話を繰り返していた。



This series of photographs documents the daily life of my grandfather, who lives in my hometown of Akita, Japan. 


In this day and age of the information society, my grandfather's daily life revolves around farming, and in the winter, snow removal is a part of his daily routine. Watching my grandfather, live a self-sufficient life while dealing with nature all year round, I asked myself, "What information do we really need to live?" The question comes to mind.


He is quiet and hardworking. He shows everything by his actions, not his words. Since I was a child, I had an image of my grandfather as a solitary man, but I may have been mistaken. My grandfather was constantly learning and interacting with the natural environment and the people he cared about.