Ban! Japan

Why are Japanese cities full of "ban" signs? The scene suddenly reminded me of the school rules from my school days. I was distrustful of the many rules and regulations that restricted my appearance, from my hair to the color of my underwear. I feel the same kind of suffocation in Japanese society as I did back then. The national character of "don't bother people" sometimes leads to over-regulation, which foreshadows the arrival of a surveillance society with no tolerance. A certain amount of rules are necessary in the world, but who would want to belong to an organization or society with too many restrictions? How do one-sidedly suppressed and twisted emotions, such as distrust of adults and repercussions of repression, affect society?



なぜ日本の街は禁止マークで溢れているのか? その光景を見ていると、ふと学生時代の校則を思い出す。髪型から下着の色まで細く容姿を制限されるなど、規則の多さに不信感を抱いていた。その頃と同様の息苦しさを日本社会に感じる。「人に迷惑をかけてはいけない」という国民性は、時に過剰な規制を生み出し、寛容さのない監視社会の到来を予感させる。世の中に一定の規則は必要だが、行き過ぎた縛りの多い組織や社会に誰が属したいと思うのだろうか。抑圧の反動や大人への不信感など、一方的に抑え込まれねじ曲げられた感情は社会にどのような影響を与えるのか。