Greedy Otherworld














This work is titled "Why is Tokyo unipolarity happening? In response to the question of these are self-portraits created in the face of the actual experience of moving to Tokyo from a rural area.


For me, born in the countryside, the streets of Tokyo lined with show windows decorated with advertising photos was a gorgeous other world. Every time I visited Tokyo for sightseeing, I had a yearning to spend my daily life in this stylish city.


After moving to Tokyo, I was overwhelmed by the amount of advertising in the city and the frequency of updates. It is no longer possible to walk around the city without seeing an advertisement, and to be honest, I was even horrified by the sight of business strategies being developed as one advertisement after another was replaced by another. The pedestrians in the ad photos in the show windows seem to be dominated by the ads. And the figure seemed to be a projection of myself. I feel that I was unknowingly brainwashed by the message of desire that is advertising, and I have moved up to Tokyo.


By portraying Tokyo from the perspective of someone from a rural area, I hoped to provide an opportunity to rethink the relationship between the increasingly depopulated rural areas and the increasingly overcrowded metropolis.