Solo Exhibition


会期|2020年 6月13日(土)− 8月1日(土)

時間|12:00−21:00 / 月〜木曜

         12:00−19:00 / 金曜

         11:00−17:00 / 土曜 *日曜定休 


会場|Art Gallery SunnyGo!


       (麻布十番駅 1番出口より徒歩3分)



Dates|June 13 Sat.− August 1 Sat. ,2020

Open12:00−21:00 / Monday-Thursday

           12:00−19:00 / Friday

           11:00−17:00 / Saturday *closed on Sundays

Sites|Art Gallery SunnyGo!

Access|3-5-4 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo 

             3 minutes walk from Azabujuban Station (Exit1)




Blue Collection は、「協調性」や「空気を読む」など他人のことばかりを気にする日本社会の風潮に対し 「自分と向き合う」大切さを発信するプロジェクトです。それと同時に、作家本人がトラウマと向き合い克服するプロジェクトでもあります。  

偶然にも、私のトラウマには全て「青い色」が関係しています。私と同様、自分と向き合いながら人生を歩む人たちを被写体に「トラウマ = 青」を投影し作品制作を行いました。



This work is a project to convey the importance of "facing oneself" against the Japanese tendency to be concerned only about others. At the same time, it is also a project for the artist himself to confront and overcome his trauma. 

Coincidentally, all of my traumas have to do with the "color blue". I created this work by projecting my "trauma = blue" onto subjects who, like me, are going through their lives facing up to events from the past.

Each work expresses the story of the artist and his subject. We hope that this exhibition will be of some use in the lives of those who see it.