Live together  ~祖父の日常~





そこで、故郷 秋田に暮らす家族の日常を撮影することにした。被写体は主に祖父。何事にも強いこだわりを持ち、神経質で人の言うことを聞かない性格はまるで自分自身を見ているようで、気づけば祖父ばかりを追っていた。







Since 2012, I've been traveling around Japan by myself for several years, taking pictures. There were many touching moments along the way, most of which were casual glimpses into the lives of people living in rural areas. At that moment, my curiosity was tickled and I wanted to learn more about the culture of the place. I'm not sure why I thought that. But I felt that if we could understand the reason for this, it would be a clue to local revitalization.


So I decided to photograph the daily life of my family living in my hometown of Akita. The subject is mainly my grandfather. He was a strong believer in everything, nervous and angry, and his disobedient nature was like looking at himself.

He has worked as a carpenter and farmer for many years, and even though he is over 80 years old, his physical movements and sharp eyes are powerful. The grandfather looked happy as he lived with his loved ones on the magnificent land. And every day, as he walked powerfully, he seemed to be steadily moving toward death, one step at a time. I felt like I was given the message, "People will die someday, time is finite".


Through my grandfather's records, he learned about the blessings of nature, the warmth of human beings living together, and the preciousness of casual daily life. 

"Live together" seems so commonplace, but it's a very thoughtful word. Why did you find yourself struck by a casual glimpse of everyday life during your travels in Japan, and why did you become interested in a strange land? I think it is because I could imagine the preciousness of life and the culture of the land that has been handed down over the years from the scenery of life where nature and humans coexist as a matter of course.