Live Together



本作「Live Together」は、生まれ故郷・秋田に暮らす祖父の日常生活を記録したものである。








Why are we so fascinated by ordinary, everyday scenes in rural areas?

"Live Together" documents the daily life of a my grandfather living in his native Akita, Japan.


Living in the countryside, largely isolated from information in today's information-rich world. My grandfather's daily life involves a lot of time with nature, such as farming, and he doesn't use the internet much, so he probably hasn't kept up with the trends and evolution of the times. However, by living a self-sufficient life while dealing with nature all year round, we are well versed in the natural way of life.


What information and knowledge do we really need to live? What does it mean to be rich as a human being? In today's unpredictable and chaotic world, what is the importance of living in a rural area that is confronted with nature?

Seeing my grandfather living with his loved ones while receiving the blessings of nature, many questions came to my mind.