The Dreamer  ~夢を追う男~

私の友人に阿部 雅龍(あべ まさたつ)という、「夢を追う男」とネット検索すると一番上に出てくる男がいる。




本作「夢を追う男」は、人力車を引く阿部雅龍の姿を撮影したもの。驚きなのは彼はお客様を乗せるだけでなく、人力車で冒険もしてしまうこと。人力車秋田一周チャレンジの時、豪雨の中 お互いびしょ濡れになりながら撮影できたことはいい思い出だ。




浅草人力車 阿部屋HP|



One of my friends is Masatatsu Abe , a man who comes up at the top of an Internet search for "The Dreamer".


Since he was a university student, he has experienced various adventurous expeditions such as crossing the South American continent by bicycle and descending the Amazon River 2000 km on a homemade raft. With his experience, he aims to follow the will of his fellow adventurer from 100 years ago, Lieutenant Shirase, to reach the South Pole on a route never before explored by mankind. Furthermore, he has been in the rickshaw business in Asakusa for more than 10 years, opening his business as a rickshaw called "Abeya".


This photographic work, "The Dreamer," is a shot of Masatatsu Abe pulling a rickshaw. What's amazing is that he doesn't just give guests a ride, he also has adventures in a rickshaw. It is a good memory that I was able to take pictures while getting soaked in the downpour during my adventure in Akita.

He and I went to college together, and we've had a lot of inspiration from each other, and I've taken on a lot of challenges myself. I am where I am today because of Masatatsu Abe. No one else is as strong, straightforward, and clumsy as he is.

I hope this photographic work gives you a sense of his human strength.